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Mind Sculpting Ringtones – English Version

Download the motivational ringtones from the program of The Power of Mind Sculpting for your mobile phone. Through out the day you can have at every moment the phrases that will be able to help you to achieve your goals. You deserve to be happy!

With a totally positive approach to help us develop to the utmost our potential, raising and awakening the consciousness and thus be able to live a better life. These ringtones are a powerful tool for keeping a strong and optimistic frame of mind, no matter what challenge life brings us.

It is proven that the positive attracts the positive. Listen and sing along with faith if you want a radical change in your life, if you want to achieve your highest ideals, if you feel discouraged, sad, hopeless. The ringtones will keep you motivated and raise your self-esteem. These ringtones will create an atmosphere of harmony, peace and prosperity in your life through out the day.

In addition, wether you listen to them or give it to someone as a gift, you will be contributing to us all living a better life in better world. Elevate your spiritual vibration, live by faith, develop your potential and live your dreams through the ringtones. Get excited and join the positive transformation that Daisy Ceara brings to us through her positive singing affirmations.

El Poder de Esculpir tu Mente™
My angel - Ringtone
I love my life (Children) - Ringtone
I think speak and act positively (Children) - Ringtone
I choose to be clean and sober - Ringtone
I found the perfect man - Ringtone
I love my life - Ringtone
I can do anything - Ringtone

"Las afirmaciones cantadas se graban mas facilmente en la mente y en el subconsciente."

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