The Power of Mind Sculpting™ – English

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Welcome to a musical experience that transforms your life!

The Power of Mind Sculpting Program can help to ransform your life! The individually customized, singing affirmations and guided meditations are designed to help you overcome stress and self-sabotage, increase self-esteem, attract inner peace, financial success, self-fulfillment, good health and harmonious relationships, and achieve weight loss and control over undesirable habits and addictions.

Designed for adults and children, in English and Spanish, the affirmations are set to the captivating rhythms of merengue, salsa, cumbia and pop music. The guided meditations are designed to help you leave stress behind and absorb the message of the affirmations more quickly.

The musical affirmations can be played everywhere, at home, at work or in the car, working out or at a party, at self-help workshops or seminars, or at any meeting or event for which you wish to create a positive ambience. This program combines faith-based and psychological elements into a daily practice of simple steps for meeting the challenges of everyday life.

So relax, sing, have fun and achieve your goals!